Decorative elements for your garden :
Shade, Pergolas, Treillis work, Sculptures...

Outdoor space and especially gardens that are in constant change, lend them selves to a creative personal touch. All sorts of structures may be envisaged to provide shade or covered space or climbing frames for plants. Sculptures, providing focal points and furniture of infinite variety, must stand up to prolonged periods of exposure to the elements. Iron is the ideal material for this kind of work. I like to work hand in hand as far as possible with my clients in the concept stages of these satisfying projects.


A strategically placed pergola crowned with stainless steel.

Part of the idea here was not to cut out all of the view with bars and vegetation.

Garden fence

Decorative garden railings and gate with a leafy design.

Composition intriguing cast iron and stainless steel. Forged iron gate with the pattern of foliage.

A couple of blackbirds.

The barn owl.


Green woodpecker.

A buzzard flies in to land.

Small group of finches, stainless steel.

These railings were adorned with local birds made from stainless steel, here the magpie.

This garden structure can be roofed on the inside with canvas.


A naturally rusted terrace canopy prior to varnishing.

When the vegetation grows in this will become a shady place to eat or take drinks.

Canopy in blue.

Here the client has installed shade on this blue painted trellis waiting for the vegitation which will protect the whole south facing side of her house.

These structures create outdoor rooms enlarging the house and giving shade when vegetation has grown over them.

The pergola marries well with this modern architecture. Even during the building stages one can see how this structure dresses up the terrasse.

Small Terrace

A large terrace leading out from an upstairs doorway create space over looking the garden.

Stairs leading up to a raised iron terrace with chestnut wood deking.

This decorative arbour was made as a film prop.

Garden furniture

Raising flowers in bowl like this creates interesting dimension to an otherwise plain garden settings.

Garden swing ready to be painted.

Trellis work.

Posing with this copper wind vane.

Supports for a climbing plant

Shade and balustradain for a terrace

Leafy handbrail