Chris Leandro can personnalise your security :
Shop windows, Gates, Balconies...

Wonderful scope here for the home owner to put his personal stamp on a building whilst providing protection and security. The elements shown here are from both new buildings and renovation work. It can be seen how iron marries particularly well with wood and stone.

This balustrade for some Turkish baths has been in an appropriate style.

This balustrade for some Turkish baths has been made in an aproriate style.

Art nouveau for this shop window the grill work slides open on rails.

This pair of opening window grills was inspired by the view from the window.

The ironwork is assembled directly over my drawing.

Two coast of paint give the finish too this protective grill.

Decorative security for a mezanine.

This single design is made up of 4 elements.

A piece of work in progres in the workshop.

Traditional type work in a French country village.