Creation and copies of medieval objects : Armour, Weapons, Torture chambers, Cages...

The medieval theme gives a wide scope for creativity in an authentic setting. Traditional designs also inspire contemporary interpretations and may be adapted to modern uses.

Well head with the château arm on an iron pennant.

Château gates for a small french castel.

The small door in the gates with it's closing mechanism.

The gates are dressed with iron plates.

An interesting project for a medieval museum. This cage had to be assembled with rivets in the traditional style, and then patinated with mineral salts.

The unfortunate victims were left at the mercy of their captors.

The early stages of another medieval cage for heritage site. The various elements were held in place during the construction by clamps and bolts.

This cage opens at the front, the 3 elements can be clearly seen if you look at the feet.

The making of an iron mask.

The mask has been given a brushed finish.

An another iron mask.

Copy of an 17th century German leg breaker. For a torture chamber.

Copy of a medieval chastity belt.

Iron window grill for a French manor house.

Mechanism for a rack.

An other rack.

The stork (medieval manacles).