Metal sculpture for homes, gardens and public places

Sculpture remains the subject closest to my heart. My workshop is designed as an artists studio. Over the years it has seen many works produced to suit many tastes in a variety of materials, iron predominating. However, bronze, copper, stainless steel, wood and semi-precious stone are amongst the others. The largest work produced to date is the T-rex which may be seen on this site.

Sculpture inspired by my 10 years old daughter in mild steel.

Taking shape in the workshop.

Taking the air, the surface has been left as roughly polished steel to emphasise the material.

Work taking place on the little dancer in mild steel. In this sculpture , the living metal was handled like clay.

Tree of light

Inspired by a palm tree , this sculpture in stainless steel graces the wilds around an otherwise very ordered garden.

Winter is a season where outdoor sculpture retains it's presence even though the garden shuts down.

A sence of scale becomes aparent when it is seen in the workshop.

My client asked me to set this stone in his carp pool so i did just that using a claw setting from my jewellery making years.

The stone is protected from the iron by lead gloves on the fingers of the claws.

Small head in mild steel.

This little sculpture in iron was the maquette for the great T-rex shown on this site.

The soldier

Standing figure made from founded objects: the soldier.

The artist

Standing figure made from founded objects : the artist.

Small head in mild steel.

The condemned man

Wallnut wood and mild steel: the condemned man.



Found objects



Wood leather brass : Dreaming chair

Untitled : Dreaming chair