Stairs and Banisters

With the stairs I have included some banister work as balustrading is often an integral part of them. Stairs are most delicate objects to work on, at once part of the structural fabric of a house and a piece of furniture and as such must be treated as much an element of decoration. As a means of moving between floors.

Wrought iron balustrade tailored to an industrial style staircase.

The surface treatment here enhances the elegance of the lines.

Iron-work like this becomes a sculptural focal point in this large open space.

Inspiration was taken from the vegetation creeping up the walls for these railings.

This sculptural balustrade has been essentially made from found objects.

Old junk finds a new home.

This remarkable 18th centaury helicoidal staircase was delivered to me in dozens of broken bits, it once wound up a tower and now stands in the centre of a room.

The structure had to be rethought and strengthened.

The handrail is carefully restored.

The happy marriage of oak treads on a mild steel frame.

These quarter turned free standing stairs are made on a single central iron beam. Though there is no hand rail they are tucked into a corner of the room which gives some security.