Tyranosaurus Rex

Life size sculpture of Tyranosaurus Rex

This sculpture in mild steel is one of the most exciting projects I have tackled to date. Based on fossil remains of several dinosaurs found in America, it stands 5 metres high and is 11.5 metres long. The patina was achieved with mineral salts creating an authentic "feel" to the bones. Anatomically correct, this work is a free interpretation of the sheer raw power of this, the largest of the massive saurian carnivores. Commissioned for a museum, it stands at present in the Dordogne's "Valley of Mankind" (south of France).

What a thrill was working on this project.

Fine tuning the scapula.

The patina is aplied.

The erection on the site was the first time the sculpture had been assembled.

My daughter give the sence of scale.

My turn.

This life size Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton can be seen in the grounds of the museum at le Moustier in the Dordogne.

The museum setting may not be ideal for a dynamic work like this.

The setting sun lends striking colour to the surface finish.

Dramatic in silhoet as evening falls.

And here is the model.